We will guide you along your path



Our voice specialists can help you solve technical issues, or prepare you for the rigors of higher examinations (ABRSM, Trinity, University Entrance). All the major European languages can be covered as well as all genres from Baroque singing through to Modern Opera. Direction for predominantly choral singers, and learning to sing in harmony is also available.


For those interested in a lighter approach we also offer lessons in musical theatre, Disney, or contemporary songs.

Beginner or returning students are also very welcome. We'll help all ages 'unlock' their voice, and learn to start singing with confidence.



We try to make theory as straight forward as possible, and our teachers can prepare you for the ABRSM Grade 5 prerequisite exam, as well get you started on the basics. GCSE & A Level students requiring a little extra support are also catered to.

We are patient and consistent - the essential ingredients for theory work!



Whether you need detailed help with GSCE & A Level composition, want to learn or develop how to use different music software effectively, or want to improve your song writing skills, our tutors can offer insights into composing in different styles & genres for different purposes.  We can give you technical skills and practical advice on how to turn composing music into a career.


Our piano tutors come with the highest level of performance skill and teaching experience. We specialise in absolute beginners, helping them make the first steps towards playing. More intermediate & advanced level students can work towards ABRSM or Trinity exams if desired, whilst others may wish to improve their chord knowledge and chart reading for more contemporary music making.

Students preparing for conservatoire auditions can also benefit from masterclass style lessons for performance experience and technical/repertoire insights.



Our fantastic guitar tutor comes from the American school of blues, jazz, and rock. With extensive performance experience, and an intuitive teaching style, our tutor can help you discover the guitar and your individual musical style.

Learn to jam with ease to your favourite songs, or dig deep into jazz harmonies and blues riffs.

Those wanting to brush up on their songwriting skills, or gain confidence in performing solo or in a group will benefit from insights of what it means to be a performer and how to improvise effectively.



Our wonderful Flute teacher is a graduate of the Niccolo Paganini Conservatoire, and is wonderful with beginner students all the way through to advanced grades. 

Students can build their technique and work towards graded music exams, classical solo repertoire, or learn to play all the theme tunes from Harry Potter and other hit film scores.


Our principal cello teacher is a specialist in the European tradition of technique, both as a solo player and as a chamber musician, and will be able to guide your learning to the highest level, or introduce you to the cello as a beginner student with warmth and humour. 

Current students range from child and adult beginners and semi professional players, through to working composers who want to gain further insight into the cello.


Candidates preparing for ABRSM exams or performance situations will benefit from an encouraging approach, yet rigorous level of attention to detail.



From Vivaldi through to Hans Zimmer, our Violin tutors work regularly in London's finest orchestras and can inspire all students from those just starting out to already advanced musicians. 

Using a variety of teaching methods, including Suzuki, we can help you develop your technical skills and prepare for formal examinations, or simply encourage you to find your way around the instrument and play tunes of your choice.

Advanced students can benefit from professional knowledge of working as a chamber musician, work to solve persistent technical issues, or gain further repertoire skills from Baroque to modern symphonic playing.

Aural Tests


Upper & lower line echo singing, cadences, modulations, and all the other 'extras' are taught in one to one or small groups lessons.