We strive to develop high-quality and affordable tuition across our local community

Here is how we operate

What are we?

MUSICANDO Ltd is your point of connection with some of the best practitioners in the music industry in the Bromley and South East. We are the music academy that tailors tuition plans that suit you and takes you along through your learning path. We take care of all the papers and we organise ABRSM and Trinity exams for you.

New students

You can start with us if you are a beginner, intermidiate or advanced player. We will suit your needs, whereever you are in your learning path. We accept new students at any point of the year.

MUSICANDO offers the first instrumental lesson at half of the price so that you get an initial idea if this is what you are looking for. You don't have to commit to any more lesson and can withdraw after your first lesson. To start with, we will put you in contact with your tutor to set the day and time. You will pay your first half-price lesson, sign the client agreement and complete the client detail form in advance.

If you like your experience, thereafter you will continue your lessons normally on a weekly base. You will still have the right to cease lessons or change tutor at any point in the first term with a week’s notice. After your first lesson, you will receive the invoice for tuition up to the half term or up to the end of term depending on your preference. Invoices shall be always paid in advance of the first unpaid lesson. You may decide to pay-as-you-go. In this case, you shall always pay by Monday morning on the week of the lesson. You shall pay the invoices and any fees to MUSICANDO, not directly to your tutor.

Getting your instrument, rent or buy?

If I want to try out the violin or cello you should not buy your instrument. We are happy to recommend shops where you can rent your first instrument. We strongly suggest young string players to rent their first instruments as they will need a different size instruments when growing taller. When you are more advanced, then you can buy your full-sized instrument.

We are happy to help you with information, but it is your responsibility to equip yourself or your child with the instrument and purchase the relevant books before your first lesson.

Where does your new tutor teach?

When you contact us, we will put you in contact with the tutor nearest to you. Your teacher will be teaching from his private studio.

After your first term

As a returning student you should liaise with your tutor regarding the time and day of your lesson before the beginning of each term. You should inform us if you have any specific requests regarding the number of lesson throughout the term. Otherwise, we assume the lessons will continue on a weekly base and will continue invoicing as previously. Returning students commit to have tuition for the entire term, unless prior agreement with MUSICANDO. Returning students are invoiced by MUSICANDO per half term or full term and shall pay in advance of the first unpaid lesson. You may decide to pay-as-you-go. In this case, you shall always pay by Monday morning on the week of the lesson.

Are you doing online lessons due to Covid-19?

Yes, all our teachers can work online via Zoom, Whatsapp, Facetime, or similar depending on your preferences.

I find aural tests really difficult, particularly the echo singing and cadence sections, can you help me?

Aural tests can be tricky, however with patience and practice anyone can improve their skills. Our teachers will work through lots of examples to help you improve your ear for the sung tests, and devlop a practical system to understand the process of identifying cadences and modulations.

Can anyone learn to sing if they've never done it before, even adults?

Absolutely. Very, very few people are unable to learn to sing, and our teachers will help and encourage you to 'find' your individual voice.

I need to pass my Grade 5 theory to move on to higher ABRSM practical grade exams, can you help me prepare for this?

Yes! Grade 5 can feel like a barrier to moving forward with practical exams, but our teachers are able to assist you with patience and understanding.

Exam entries (ABRSM and Trinity Board)

You should discuss with your tutor the possibility of taking an ABRMS or Trinity Board exam. If at the appropriate level, your tutor will inform us at the beginning of each term and we will arrange entry form and fee payments for your exam to happen at the local centre and provide an accompanist if required. We will invoice you the entry and accompanist costs and you shall pay the invoice within 6 days of receipt.


You may ask your tutor to move your schedule lesson to another day/time up to 48h before your lesson, subject to fair usage. The tutor will try to accommodate your wishes and propose an alternative day/time within the same term. When that has not been possible, a credit for the lesson will be added to the next invoice.

MUSICANDO works with some of the best tutors in the area who are active practitioners in the music industry. Therefore, occasionally your tutor may ask you to move the lesson because of a performing engagement. It is important that our tutors remain active in the industry, rather than just teachers, because we feel that, doing so, they are able to offer much more to you. Hence, subject to fair use, your tutor may ask you to reschedule a lesson up to 5pm the day before. It is important that a tutor who is unwell does not come in contact with students, thus your tutor may cancel your lesson because of illness up to 6h before the lesson.

Special requests

We may be able to accommodate specific requests regarding number of lessons in each term or explore the possibility of out-of-term tuition, or different lesson times each week. Just ask!