We are a team of professional working musicians, here in South East London, who also have a passion for teaching. Our ethos is to offer our technical proficiency and creative experience to students of all ages and capabilities, with a focus on music making which is fun, but with a solid foundation of knowledge and skill.
The First Note


We are here to guide you from your first musical step, all the way through to GCSE and A Level support, plus UCAS and University entrance requirements. Adult learners wishing to brush up or start a new instrument are also catered to. Read some of our

Life Is A Stage


Children and Adult learners alike can gain confidence in performance, whether it be to an audience of hundreds or concerts for one in your own living room. Performance opportunities and concert attendance are actively encouraged.

The Extra Bits


Perhaps you only require specific help with theory, aural tests, & sightreading. Our teachers can assist you, whatever your main instrument or previous experience is. 

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Founder’s Note

As a professional free-lance musician here in London, I believe there is a need for highly skilled, disciplined, and experienced teachers who are also working musicians in some of London's finest theaters and orchestras, who can share their passion, experience and prodigious talents in an animated yet erudite way to students of all abilities.

Christie Cook